An ergonomic shower trolley is an excellent aid

A shower trolley is a common sight in most hospitals and retirement homes and are generally used to clean patients which cannot clean themselves. You lift over the patient onto the shower trolley and shower them while they're laying down and thus making it much easier for the caretaker to clean them.  Essentially they're water-resistant beds made specifically for cleaning disabled or people which cannot move by themselves for one reason or another. Of course, it's not just hospitals and retirement homes that use them, any home which has a caretaker of some sort, be it parent, sibling or somebody else, for a person which has trouble moving around and normally can't shower on their own.

They're a bit expensive but helps take off a heavy workload for the keeper and makes cleaning both easier and more enjoyable for both the caretaker and the person they're caring for. Naturally it's important to get a trolley of high quality so what manufacturer you buy from is an important decision, personally I recommend TR Equipment due to them generally having plenty of functions, some optional, on their trolleys.

Better comfort and dignity

Shower trolleys generally are height adjustable to help prevent back pain and make them more ergonomic for nurses and caretakers. Some trolleys also have a battery-operated combi lift that helps make it easier to move the patient and reduces the risk of work-related injuries as well as easing the burden that nurses and caretakers must go through every day.

In addition, the risk and stress the patient is exposed to while reducing the process makes it much more valuable to the person in question. Overall, shower trolleys are an important part of the equipment.​